Ohayo Ring-Standard Cotton Bud

  11/11/2019    Lượt xem : 2606

New design with one side with standard round soft cotton bud, and the other side with premium ring shape cotton bud which is capable to pick the dusts deeply just as using ear pick to remover ear-wax. It can make your ears more comfortable to clean deeply.

Ohayo Ring-Slim for Baby

  11/11/2019    Lượt xem : 2473

With both two styles in one piece, Ohayo Ring-Slim is designed as smaller size for removing dusts easily. With a gentle touch cotton head preventing from affecting baby’s soft skin, the slimmest type cotton bud suits to be used for both nose and ear canal of baby. Besides, Ring cotton bud can catch ear-wax in the groove and it’s also good for cleaning nose, or people with small ear canal.

Ohayo Bale Shaped for Kid

  13/11/2019    Lượt xem : 2332

A special line of cotton bud used for babies after bathing, with very high-water absorbency and more cotton volume than conventional round design. Bale-shaped style helps to increase touching area between cotton and ear canal, Ohayo for Kid can also absorb water quickly and is very soft and safe babies with 100% cotton.

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