SAKURA - the leading brand in industrial cotton bud area for cleaning hard drive HDD, LCD and FPD screen etc.
Moreover, SAKURA industrial cotton bud is also used for automatic code scanner, projector lens for the purpose of maintenance

Outstanding features:
- High permeability and high absorption speed
- Smooth
- No excessive fibers
- No Silicon
- Industrial standard firmness of the toothpick  In particular, SAKURA industrial cotton bud has been certified NRV standards (Not melted) LPC, RoHS, REACH and certified not apply to contraindication substances, by a Center Specializing in composition analysis of industrial materials (TEMAC), Thailand.
※ 1 When requested, we are ready to provide NVR test results with solvents of distilled water, IPD (industrial detergent) or Acetone solution.
※ 2 We are committed to satisfying all customer requirements.