Do you know how to choose Safe cotton bud??!?

You can easily choose to buy any type of cotton bud at the supermarket, pharmacy, market, or simply drop in a grocery near your home. You don't know that easy choosing cotton bud for use may inadvertently cause harm to your family's health. The following are some requirements for quality of cotton bud, take your cotton bud that you are using, let's verify and see the results!
1. Check the appearance. Hold the box (package) of cotton bud on hand and check whether the package is sealed or not. Any opening may allow insects or dust to penetrate?

2. Lightly squeeze two cotton ends to make sure that the stick is covered with cotton inside and away from cotton ends of at least 5 mm. This is to ensure that the stick has no chance to hurt your ears when using.
3. Hold tightly the cotton and the stick. Then use a moderate force to pull the cotton out of the stick. If the cotton is easily loosened, you absolutely should not use this cotton bud. Falling cotton while in use can cause you in trouble and if not see a doctor promptly, yours ears can become inflamed due to infection.
4. This can only occur to cotton buds of plastic stick, as plastics can not adhere by the glue to hold cotton.
5. All cotton buds must have the same size of cotton head. If the cotton heads are small, in mixture with exceptional large ones, it will be harmful to users, especially newborn babies due to their too small and thin size of ears.
6. Cotton ends must not have fiber, nor black dot, stain, etc.